Branding materials

Contact: Dawn Schulz

Prison City Pub & Brewery Crowler

Prison City Pub & Brewery Crowler

Prison City Pint Glass

Prison City Logos: Please use responsibly.

Prison City Circle Logo
P|C Circle Logo
Prison City Circle Logo with Black Ring
Prison City Logo with Black Lock and Keys

Prison City Typography

Image of Prohibition Font

Prison City Palette

Prison City Color Palette: PMS 604 U PMS 1375 U PMS 1807 U PMS 428 U PMS 7403 U PMS 7412 U PMS 1815 U PMS 877 U PMS 128 U PMS 1593 U PMS 4975 U PMS 426 U

Horizontal Ad Layout

Prison City Black Horizontal Ad stating “Prison City Pub & Brewery Auburn NY. Open every day lunch and dinner Brunch Sunday, 20 Beers on tap.”

Square Ad Layout

Square Ad Layout stating “Auburn NY 315-604-1277”

Vertical Ad Layout

Vertical Ad Layout with Lock and Key Logo stating “28 State St., Auburn.”